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A Tree on Your Verge

In November we will start our 3rd planting season for our "trees on verges" in partnership with WSCC who own most of the verges and corner sites. (We also include a couple of other sites).


We work with each resident who would like a tree on their verge, choosing a species and checking with WSCC that the site is OK - for sight lines, underground services, etc. 


The cost of the semi-mature tree is paid by SFT, welcoming a donation by the resident. Planting is by WSCC and includes support, protection and continuing maintenance - but we ask residents to help with watering of their tree in the early years. (Busy this year!) 


In our first two seasons we planted 60 trees across many streets , with a  further 24 scheduled for this autumn.


If you would like a tree, do contact us  - and we can plan together for 2023 planting.  

To make the your request or for more information, contact us at

Sorbus aria  Whitebeam.JPG

Caring for your Plants

Steyning For Trees have produced a handy leaflet showing you how to care for and get the best from your hedge or tree.

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