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Wildlife Corridors

SFT have been planting hedgerows to act as wildlife corridors for the last 3 years. These enable birds, invertebrates and fauna to travel along protected pathways so they can spread their genes over a wider area and use the hedges for food, shelter and nest building, and of course hedgerows do their job of taking up carbon too. 


We have a map of these hedges, they are:

Abbey Road

Shona and Richard's

Another the other side of the by-pass

Mouse Lane

Two at the Football Club

St. Andrew and St. Cuthman`s Church

Two at Broadbourne Poultry Farm

Mini Copses and bluebells at Shooting Field

Saddlescombe Farm, Devil`s Dyke


Planned hedges for 2022/3

Another at the Football Club

Another at Saddlescombe

Small hedge nr. King`s Barn Lane

Perimeter hedge at St. Mary`s House, Bramber

Hedge at Toni and Kevin's, a stepping stone to  St. Mary`s and the Adur.


We are delighted that these last 2 will provide the connection to the Adur Project from the already planted corridors throughout Steyning.This will help to join the Steyning Downland Scheme to the Adur River Project .

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