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SFT is very pleased to be supporting the Adur River Restoration Project.  We were able to give them a donation after our fund-raising talk in July given by Isabella Tree of Knepp who have been instrumental in getting this scheme off the ground at last.  It was interesting to hear first-hand how they mooted this scheme in 2000 and after 8 years of feasibility studies by the Environment Agency etc, they were able to start work on their stretch, now being continued by their beavers


This will substantially increase the biodiversity as well as managing the flood risk in Steyning, Bramber and Beeding, with the provision of flood plains.  This has been given the go-ahead and is included in the 22 projects George Eustice announced as successful bids in the Landscape Recovery Scheme on 2nd Sept. 2022.


They are also deeply involved in the Weald to Waves wildlife corridor from Ashdown Forest through Knepp and down to Climping.


There are also similar plans for the Arun River. 

Once all this visionary work is completed plus the wonderful projects restoring the kelp beds for carbon capture by Sussex Wildlife Trust, Sussex should become a beacon of hope for biodiversity in this country, showing at last a considerable gain.


This is such good news particularly after Sir James Bevan of the Environment Agency said in their report Working with Nature (12th July 2022) about the shocking loss of biodiversity.  There has been a 61% loss since 1970.  He said we must all work together to turn this around. 

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