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Planting of the Queen’s Green Canopy Tree

SFT is delighted that we now have a date for the planting of the Queen’s Green Canopy tree

commemorating the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee which is being donated to us. It will be 2pm Sunday

27th November, do come down to Fletcher’s Croft in Steyning to see the lovely multi-stemmed birch

tree being planted by Lady Emma Barnard, Lord-Lieutenant of West Sussex, the King’s

representative in Sussex.

Photograph from Flikr

SFT is pleased to be working with the Parish Council and HDC to organise this event.

An article in the national press says, "It is hoped that these trees, given to tree-planting groups in every county in Britain will serve as an inspiration for tree planting within communities as

part of our nation’s stunning landscape."

SFT feels very honoured to have been chosen to receive this tree on behalf of Steyning.

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